Testimonials | Carlisle Camera


Here is what our customers have to say about Carlisle Camera and our services —–
>… “Selling is not a priority.  Educating their customer is!”
>… “I just picked up the “restored” photo done by the excellent staff at Carlisle Camera. I am amazed at what a wonderful job they did, especially considering the original is one of those photos from the old Polaroid camera. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND CARLISLE CAMERA for any of your photo/camera/equipment needs!
>… “Service is awesome, very friendly and very helpful the picture quality it amazing all around….. I give them a 10!”
>… “Absolutely the best photo printing service I have found.  Print colors are accurate and vivid, color jumps off the paper.”
>… “Highly Recommend for quality and affordable products. Knowledgeable staff!”
>… “These people had answers when nobody else could help!  The only place I will go from now on.”
>… “Thought I had a broken camera, but they solved my problem at the counter!”
>… “Class was great!  My understanding of photography has grown so much in the past 5 weeks.”
>… “Excellent class!  I now look at taking a picture in an entirely different way.”