Carlisle Camera offers repair services for most brands of digital cameras, lenses, and flashes. Repairs are sent to authorized repair facilities and usually take between 4 to 6 weeks to return.  NOTE; If you are within 15 miles of Mechanicsburg, we can arrange to pickup your repair at your location for a flat fee of $5.00.Shipping Guide | Order Form

  • What is Our Estimate Fee?
  • What is the Typical Completion Time?
  • What is the Warranty on Repairs?
  • What Should I Check Before Sending My Equipment for Repair?
  • What Items Should be Included With a Repair?
  • How Will My Equipment be Returned?
  • Can I Get a Clean & Check Only?
  • I have spots on my images, can I get the sensor cleaned?

What is Our Estimate Fee?We charge a $40 deposit to process all repairs. This deposit will be applied to the final cost of all completed repairs. If your equipment cannot be repaired, or is beyond economical repair, the $40 can be applied towards the purchase of replacement gear, or used as a store credit. Otherwise, the deposit covers our shipping and labor cost as well as the repair tech’s time and effort to evaluate the problem.  Please contact us at  [email protected] or 717-761-9383 for information on approximate value of equipment if there is a question as to whether the items will be economical to repair.What is the Typical Completion Time?The average return time is 3-6 weeks but will vary depending on what the problem is and the availability of parts. Some services such as basic sensor cleaning should be less. Unfortunately exact repair time is not predictable and rush service is not available.What is the Warranty on Repairs?All repairs are covered by a 60 day guarantee unless otherwise noted.  The guarantee period starts the day the repair is charged out and returned to the customer.  This guarantee covers only the problems that where addressed in the repair order.  Any “new” issues, or any repeat issues found beyond the 60 day period will not be covered under this guarantee.  What Should I Check Before Presenting My Equipment for Repair?

  • Please verify that the batteries are good and that the battery contacts are clean and free of dirt or corrosion.
  • Please verify that the problem is repeatable and not a one-time occurrence.

What Items Should be Included With a Repair?Please provide only the items that are related to the symptom to be diagnosed (IE: if the camera does not turn on, you should include the battery). We do not send items unrelated to the problem to the repair centers. If you are submitting an item for warranty repair we MUST have the sales receipt or “Proof of Purchase” showing the date of purchase and the specific item being sent for repair. How Will My Equipment be Returned?Repairs will be returned to our store and we will contact you when repairs are ready for pick-up.  If you wish, we can ship your repair to your location via UPS Ground Service. A flat rate of $10.95 in the continental United States will be charged for up to ten pounds. Higher weights and multiple packages will be billed at actual UPS rates.  If you are within 15 miles of Mechanicsburg, we can arrange delivery to your location for a flat fee of $5.00.  Please let us know which option you prefer.NOTE: Completed repairs MUST be claimed within 4-months of completion.  Un-claimed repairs will be liquidated to recover our expenses.Can I Get a Clean & Check Only?Yes, we do external cleaning and basic camera function checks in-house. External cleaning means we clean anything that is reachable without camera disassembly. The cost for this service is $39.00 for the camera body and one lens. Each additional lens, flash or major accessory is an additional $10.I have spots on my images, can I get the sensor cleaned?We offer three options for sensor cleaning:Option #1 is our basic sensor cleaning service which covers cleaning the sensor, and checking the exposure and auto focus system: Cost is $29.95 and takes about 3 days.Option #2 is a sensor cleaning service which includes cleaning the sensor, focusing screen, mirror and mirror box as well as the external camera case. This service also includes exposure and auto focus system checks: Cost is $69.95 and takes about 5 days.Option #3 is our full service which includes a complete camera cleaning, sensor cleaning, camera recalibration, and return all functions and systems back to factory specs- plus a camera firmware update: This service costs $99.95, takes about 4 weeks to complete, and is sent to the manufacturer’s authorized repair center.