Data Recovery Services | Carlisle Camera

Data Recovery Services Photo Recovery Service If you are getting a memory card error, your photos are accidentally deleted, or your memory card has been reformatted, our in-house photo recovery service can attempt to recover your lost photo files. We utilize advanced software to reconstruct deleted, corrupt, or missing photo files from your memory card, […]

35mm & 120 Film Processing | Carlisle Camera

35mm & 120 Film Processing YES!  We Still Process 35mm and 120 Format Film Carlisle Camera still offers film processing services for 35mm and 120 format films.  We can process Color print film, and E6 (Slide) film (sorry, no Kodachrome).  Although our film developing machine has gone to that big darkroom in the sky, we have […]

Video Transfer Services | Carlisle Camera

Video Transfer Services Give The Gift Of Memories!  20% Off This Service Now Through November 29th!   Preserve those precious videos and digitize them before your VCR stops working! Carlisle Camera can transfer or “digitize” your VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi8, Mini-DV, 8mm-Digital, or camera internal hard-drive videos to archival grade (100-year data retention) DVD’s. […]

Slide Transfer Services | Carlisle Camera

Slide Transfer Services Preserve your precious memories! Carlisle Camera can transfer or “digitize” your chromes or slides to archival grade (100-year data retention) CD’s or DVD’s. Each slide is scanned individually and each scan is reviewed for color and exposure. If possible, corrections are made to restore color and correct exposure. Our scanner technology also […]

Print Transfer Services | Carlisle Camera9

Print Transfer Services Print Transfer Prices: 1st print scanned to archival grade CD or DVD $4.95 Each additional print – scanned at 300-DPI $0.29 Duplicate archival grade CD $6.95 Duplicate archival grade DVD $9.95 Slide-Show DVD $14.95 Minimum print size is 2×3, maximum print size is 8.5×11. Prints must be un-mounted and have NO adhesive […]

Movie Film Transfer Services | Carlisle Camera

Movie Film Transfer Services Give The Gift Of Memories!  20% Off This Service Now Through November 29th! Save those precious memories! Carlisle Camera can transfer (digitize) your 8mm, super-8mm, or 16mm movie films to DVD. Movie films are aging at a rapid rate and getting them transferred to DVD is a must if you wish […]

Rent Photo Gear | Carlisle Camera

Rent Photo Gear Carlisle Camera Rents Photo Gear! Carlisle Camera rents a variety of photo gear for those who want to try an item before purchasing, or for those who have a 1-time need.  If you rent an item and  decide to purchase a comparable item from Carlisle Camera within 30-days of renting, we will […]

Repair Order | Carlisle Camera

Repair Order Repair Center | Shipping Guide *Please complete and submit this form to take advantage of Carlisle Camera’s mail order service. *After submitting this form you will be sent a copy of your order via email. Please print your email copy and send it, along with your order in a sturdy box to: Carlisle Camera Shop […]

Shipping Guide | Carlisle Camera

Shipping Guide Repair Center | Order Form How Do I Ship My Equipment for Repair? Please include items that are related to the repair problem. Do not include straps, filters, manufacturers packaging or film and memory cards. For warranty repairs, a copy of the original receipt must be included. Please place the items in a plastic ziploc […]